Your personal shopping assistant 🛍

Digital receipts, order tracking, loyalty programs, take the control back with Paplar.

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A simplified
customer thread

Use your new Paplar address with retailers to connect to them and receive all your contents simplified and standardised.

order tracking

Paplar offers a feed to track the latest updates on your purchases, such as package delivery milestones or messages received from sellers.

smartly filtered

No more promotional emails sent by the thousands to everyone. On Paplar, only one copy is kept and made available to all users of the application.

Sustainability is at the heart of the product 🌍

Paplar helps to considerably reduce the impact of emails on the environment thanks to an intelligent system for deleting backdated or useless emails, 1 email deleted means 10 grams of CO2 saved.

Your privacy
is our priority

Paplar protects you from phishing after your purchases. Use it without limit for all your purchases and rest assured that you will only receive the essentials.

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